Archive for May 15th, 2015

World of Warcraft News – The Best Tank Classes in WoW

This week in the WoW Factor we look at upcoming honor changes to World of Warcraft Battlegrounds and I attempt to rank the tanking classes by how fun they are to play. I bet you’ll disagree with my first pick! Read more of Reza Lackey's WoW Factor: Ranking the Tanks.

World of Warcraft News – The Ramp Up to Warlords

This week I geek out over the new Warlords cinematic, we check out the new Lords of War animated series and inspect the goodies in the Warlords Collector’s edition. Read more of Reza Lackey's All things Warcraft: The Ramp Up to Warlords.

World of Warcraft News – Tanaan Jungle Preview

For players looking forward to the World of Warcraft v6.2 update, the new blog post on the official site that previews Tanaan Jungle, the new zone and the new shipyard construction site. The story will continue and take place in seven adventure zones from the Ironhold Harbor to the Throne of Kil'jaeden. Alongside the story, […]

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