Archive for May 11th, 2015

World of Warcraft News – Cataclysm: Beta Opt-Ins Begin!

Blizzard has announced that beta opt-ins for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion to World of Warcraft have begun! If you want a chance at partaking in the expansion's beta test you should head on over to your account page and upload your system specifications as well as check off whichever of Blizzard's franchises (in this […]

World of Warcraft News – Azeroth Choppers #5 Arrives

The saga of building a Horde or Alliance bike continues in this week's installment of the World of Warcraft – based Azeroth Choppers. This week, the teams begin to show off progress on their projects and even a bit of sabotage sneaks in. Check it out!

World of Warcraft News – Trying the Waters: Role-Playing EVE Survivor Guy tries his hand at surviving in another medium as Adam Tingle makes his first forray into the world of role-playing… with mixed results. . Given the fact that you are perusing the pages of a website solely focused on the MMORPG genre, I will accept that you undoubtedly have a love […]

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