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Lineage 2 News – Gracia Part Two Released

NCsoft has announced the launch of the Gracia Part 2 expansion for Lineage II, which is said to help players level up and reach their goals faster. SEATTLE, October 29, 2008 – NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, today announced the release of Gracia Part 2, the newest […]

Lineage 2 News – The Kamael Movie

NCsoft has released this new movie featuring footage from the upcoming free L2 expansion The Kamael.  The upcoming expansion features more than 1 GB worth of content and features for all level of players. The Kamael Movie This video showcases some of the massive content updates in store for L2 when this free update goes […]

Lineage 2 News – Raising Rudolph Holiday Event

Lineage II’s holiday "Raising Rudolph" event centers around the troubles facing the Christmas celebration in Aden as Santa’s reindeers have gone on strike! Not to be bothered with the demands of his reindeer, Santa is determined to raise new reindeer for this year’s festivities and requires the help of Aden’s heroes. Details on the rewards […]

Lineage 2 News – High Five Arrives on PTS

Lineage II players looking to experience the big changes coming with the arrival of the High Five update will want to check into the public test server. High Five has been released to the PTS and the dev team has posted detailed instructions on how to participate in testing out the planned changes. The High […]

Lineage 2 News – New Hybrid Revenue Model Coming

NC Soft West has announced that Lineage II will adopt a hybrid revenue model. While few details are known, the Lineage II team said that the new hybrid system will "feature an order of magnitude greater than those of a conventional subscription model, and creates a new way to play." NC Soft has also partnered […]

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