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EVE Online News – Over $190M Raised for Typhoon Relief

Thanks to the EVE Online PLEX For Good Campaign, a special fundraising live stream and the generosity of players, CCP and its community raised over $190,000 for relief efforts on behalf of victims of the recent Philippine typhoon. . While the interactive content of the telethon was on the lighter side, the heartfelt thanks from […]

EVE Online News – PLEX For Good Charity Live Stream Tomorrow

CCP Games is taking its PLEX For Good program to raise funds for victims of the recent Philippine typhoon a step further with a developer live stream to be held on Saturday, December 7th. The team has events lined up sure to get viewers throwing dollars at the screen. To date, CCP and its players […]

EVE Online News – Grab a Fanfest Ticket While They're Hot

CCP Games has announced that tickets for Fanfest 2014 are on sale for the annual event. Fanfest will be held from May 1-3 in Iceland. The event will focus on EVE Online, Dust 514 and EVE: Valkyrie. Activities at EVE Fanfest 2014 include: EVE Online, DUST 514 and EVE: Valkyrie presentations and reveals Live tournaments […]

EVE Online News – Rubicon Certainly Feels Compelling

Rubicon, EVE Online's 2013 Winter Expansion, was recently released and we've taken the new content for a spin. See what we thought of our time in Rubicon before leaving your own impressions in the comments. As the first chapter in this new story, Rubicon works well at setting the scene. The concept of the Empires […]

EVE Online News – PLEX for Good to Aid Typhoon Victims

CCP Games has announced that it is reactivating the PLEX For Good program in EVE Online. The proceeds raised through the in-game program will assist the victims of the recent Philippine typhoon.  Beginning Wednesday November 20th, 2013 and running through Wednesday December 7, 2013, CCP hf. will be accepting PLEX for GOOD donations from participating EVE Online players.  For each […]

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