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Dragon Nest News – Mark Your Calendars for September 28th

Nexon has announced that the official retail launch date for Dragon Nest will be on Wednesday, September 28th. To celebrate the launch, the team has plans to implement a large content update that will include a new central town, new dungeons, five hundred new quests and an increased level cap to 32. From the press […]

Dragon Nest News – EU Service Starting March 6th

eFusion has announced that the EU hosted Dragon Nest will officially open its doors on March 6th. The second phase of "Drive Your Action" will commence when retail service launches. The winner of the event will be awarded a Mini Cooper. Dragon Nest Europe, one of the highly anticipated action RPG of 2013 will be […]

Dragon Nest News – Unleashing the Power of the Black Dragon

Dragon Nest Europe this month is opening all Black Dragon nightmare dimensions as well as inviting players to take on the Black Dragon Memoria in Hardcore Mode. Players who complete Memoria between April 2-6 will receive a free Black Dragon Scale for every part they clear. In addition to this, Garden of Space and Time […]

Dragon Nest News – Edge of Darkness Patch Deployed

Nexon has announced that the Dragon Nest patch called "Edge of Darkness" has been deployed. The patch brings a pair of new dungeons, a new event, the 1v1 PvP ladder and several key Dragon Vault items into the game. Two new level 15+ dungeons have been added to the game: Rozin Sanctuary: This dungeon can […]

Dragon Nest News – Ripper X – First Impressions & PvP Preview's Ripper X ventures into Dragon Nest to offer his first impressions of the game. But wait! That's not all! We have a juicy double feature as Ripper has a second video featuring the new Arena PvP mode in Dragon Nest. Be sure to check out Dragon Nest: Ripper X – First Impressions & PvP […]

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